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How Do I Serve My AMP Pages?

How Do I Serve My AMP Pages?

Since AMP pages are nothing more than HTML documents, similar to regular pages, you can serve AMP content in exactly the same way as other pages you serve.

Where are They Hosted?

AMP pages are hosted like regular web pages. You can either do it from an owned server, or you can subscribe to a hosting provider and serve the pages that way.

Who Determines When They are Served?

AMP content is designed to be viewed on mobile, so it will be served to users anytime a site – or Google – detects they are browsing from a mobile device. If you’ve already followed the tutorial, then you know AMP pages are structured to include a link to your non-AMP pages, and vice versa.

If the AMP redirect code is on your regular pages, then mobile users will be automatically taken to your AMP content.

Google will index AMP pages if and when other pages link to them or reference them. This includes a reference from third-party tools that wouldn’t actually land on your page – like the demo for AMP which shows content inside the Google News Carousel.

It’s important to remember that if your AMP pages have not been validated they will not be eligible for important Google Search related features.


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