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What Are AMP Listings?

What are AMP Listings?

AMP listings are no different than regular search listings. Google still employs the same search algorithms for their mobile search engine. The biggest change is that now Google will prioritize AMP pages and AMP content for users that on a mobile device.

The Google News Carousel at the top of the search results page – on mobile – is where you can see this in action.

When Will Google Start Routing Traffic to AMP Pages?

Technically, Google is already routing traffic to AMP participants in search listings. The service rolled out at the end of February. It will be a while before the biggest sites on the internet convert to the new standard, but it will happen.

As long as you include the appropriate code, Google will reroute mobile visitors to the AMP version of your site.


Finally, we’ll offer some additional Resources Where You Can Find Out More About AMP.